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Traffic near Western Avenue following dismissal of DePaul Prep and Lane Tech on Monday, November 5, 2022.
New bell schedule and increased traffic frustrate some students
Ivy Frater, Editor, Campus Beat • October 5, 2022

Last year, a group of administrators and faculty members met over the course of two months to reevaluate the daily schedule. They eventually...

Jamf was installed on freshman and sophomore iPads at the start of this school year.
Jamf, iPad monitoring program, experiences setbacks in rollout
Some students are concerned about monitoring, but Jamf has not worked consistently.
Courtney Callard, Senior Writer • October 5, 2022

In early August, DePaul Prep's incoming sophomores and freshmen arrived early to campus to install a program on their iPads. Jamf, a new program...

Student participants in the Putt Putt colloquium pause during a game.
Colloquium registration process preferences mixed grades over senior privilege
Riley Klich, Editor, Features and Profiles • October 4, 2022

The new school year brought a lot of excitement and new changes, one of which had to do with DePaul Prep’s twice monthly colloquiums. Colloquiums...

Members of Latin Street Dance lead students in learning dance moves at the Hispanic Heritage Assembly. (Photo courtesy of Cup of Joe.)
Homecoming Week 2022: Students dance at Hispanic Heritage Assembly, sophomores pull off tug-o-war upset
Faculty dominates final tug-o-war round
Bill Grammatis Cooke, Staff Writer • October 4, 2022

From special assemblies to celebrating St. Vincent DePaul’s feast day, here are some of this week's highlights. Starting off strong on Monday...

New lunch schedule has benefits, despite student distaste
Emma Buol, Staff Writer • October 4, 2022

 Due to the influx of new students this year, DePaul College Prep introduced a new lunch schedule. Instead of having just A and B lunch right...

Making DePaul Prep Work: Mr. Olszewski
Making DePaul Prep Work: Mr. Olszewski
DCP's technology master explains the Tech Team's importance to the school's daily activities
Riley Klich, Editor, Features and Profiles • October 5, 2022

Many activities occur during just one day at DePaul Prep. Some of these include classes, events, meetings, masses, and sports events. Since students...

New Faculty Spotlight: Dean Lord aims to amplify student voices
Anna Kendzior, Senior Writer • October 4, 2022

Among many faculty members who are new to the school this year is Dean of Students, Dean Lord. She is the dean who oversees juniors and seniors...

New Faculty Spotlight: Dean Pagan lives by mantra "What must I do as part of this community?"
Courtney Callard, Senior Writer • October 4, 2022

What must be done? As students at a Vincentian school, this is a question raised to us everyday. Dean Pagan, our new dean for freshmen and sophomores,...

Expectations for the boys cross country team are high following their third place finish at State last year.
Cross Country is back: Will the Rams chase down a State victory?
Sydney McLeod, Editor, Sports • October 4, 2022

Fall 2021 was a momentous season for the running rams. The boys team led by Coaches Baum, Deck and Penz, snagged a third place finish at the...

Girls field hockey is the newest sport in the fall DePaul Prep athletics season.
Girls field hockey: The “new kid” of DePaul Prep Athletics
Sydney McLeod, Editor, Sports • October 4, 2022

With the start of a new school year came a new sport. Girls field hockey was added to this fall’s entertaining sports schedule. Ms. Emily Davis,...

Students attend the Homecoming Dance at the Gordon Gym.
Homecoming Dance a B+: Memorable, with some needed improvements
From the awkward girl standing with her friends outside the mosh pit
Larysa Butenko, Editor, Diversions • October 4, 2022

I got to the dance and there was a long line of people waiting to get inside. The line moved pretty quickly which was good since it was very...

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