Elective course highlights in students’ own words

Riley Klich, Staff Writer

The new year marks the time for choosing next year’s courses. Choosing classes that you won’t be taking until months from now can lead to tough decisions, but DePaul Prep elective courses are worth the consideration. Electives are meant to be fun and can even help you discover new topics you really enjoy.

DePaul Prep offers many different electives in Social Studies, STEAM, and Kinetic Wellness. Here are what some of our students have to say about their current and past electives:

“In Botany, we learn how our food is made and where it comes from by cooking, seeding plants, and watching documentaries. The most fun part of Botany is getting to cook new meals with my classmates. Botany is fit for any type of student since no previous knowledge is necessary, so I would definitely recommend taking it.”
-Stella Garay (Class of 2024)

Art Foundations:
“We learn the basic foundations of art. The most challenging part of the class is definitely having to spend time practicing new art forms to get them down if you don’t have prior experience. This class is a perfect fit for anyone that enjoys doing art- artistic or not. I would recommend taking this course if you like or want to learn more about art.”
-Zoe Argianas (Class of 2024)

IB Film:
“In my elective, we analyze a certain genre of film and both write and make our own films based on it. The most fun aspects of the class are the filming, editing, script writing, and group work. The biggest challenge is writing papers because they are usually required to be somewhat long. The class is a good fit for anyone who wants to learn more about the filmmaking process or to be a filmmaker in the future. I would recommend this course because it’s fun, exciting, and unique compared to other electives DePaul offers.”
-Rachel Summers (Class of 2023)

Strength Training:
“In Strength Training, we do a wide variety of exercises like lifting weights, yoga, and biking. The most fun part is being able to work out with your friends. Strength Training is fit for anyone really into fitness. I would recommend the class to another DePaul Prep student.”
-Matt Russette (Class of 2023)

“In Band, I learned a new skill. The hardest part is that you have to multitask when playing an instrument. The elective is fit for someone who wants to challenge themself and isn’t afraid of messing up. I would 100% recommend this elective because Mr. Braun does an amazing job helping everyone in this class improve everyday.”
-Emmett Jeske (Class of 2023)

“In my elective, we make different types of sculptures and learn about different types of art and artists before we get to actually make any sculptures or creations. I think the most fun part was getting hands on with materials and being able to express myself. The biggest challenge was probably getting the right shape for some of the things we made, like alebrijes sculptures. The right type of person for this elective is someone who wants to express themselves and is both creative and open minded. I would recommend this elective to another student because it was very fun.”
-Cat Gonzalez (Class of 2024)

“In Psychology, we learn about mental disorders and things that impact the brain. The most fun part of my elective is watching movies. The biggest challenge was having to memorize the symptoms of different mental disorders. My elective is fit for a person interested in learning about the way humans act. I would definitely recommend this class, because it is one of my favorite classes I’ve taken so far at DePaul.”
-Amanda Dillon (Class of 2023)