PHOTO ESSAY: How ‘The Living’ was made

Ivy Frater, Staff Writer

The cast of The Living, DePaul Prep’s latest play, rehearsed for weeks before finally making its Blackbox Theater debut on April 21.
Ferrill Kelley, Samantha Rodriguez, Claire Stiglicz, and Henry Bautista all had to learn their roles quickly after some last minute casting changes.
Junior Olly Rosen played the lead role and said that they thought The Living, “tells a really relevant, emotional, and potent story, while still leaving room for humorous moments!”
They thought that, “Preparing for the Living was a lot of work because I have a lot of lines, and a lot of those lines are in long monologues which tend to take a lot of time to memorize.”
Olly also said that the crew was very important, and they couldn’t have done it without them.
Freshman Aviva Laegeler helped with the costumes, props, and design of the playbill.