PHOTO ESSAY: Staying on campus for colloquium

Colloquia that leave the campus get lots of attention on Vincentian Wednesdays, but quite a few stay at school. The following photos explore the fun, new learning experiences students have in their on-campus colloquia.


Students in the camping colloquium assemble tents and learn camping skills.



In Food Cultures of Southeast Asia, students made Singapore noodles and sushi one week.


In basket weaving, students watch videos and learn how to create different types of baskets.


In BBQU, students barbecue a different meat each week, led by Mr. Spillane and Ms. Kaminski.


In Board Games, students spend the first half learning how to play a new game. The second half, they are free to play any game of their choice.


In Reflecting Through Collages, students bring in their own pictures and spend time putting them into a collage.