Homecoming Dance a B+: Memorable, with some needed improvements

From the awkward girl standing with her friends outside the mosh pit


Students attend the Homecoming Dance at the Gordon Gym.

Larysa Butenko, Editor, Diversions

I got to the dance and there was a long line of people waiting to get inside. The line moved pretty quickly which was good since it was very cold. The decorations were the normal school dance decorations: streamers on the walls and disco balls hanging from the ceiling. 

The background for the photo booth was also streamers. I think the photo booth could use some improvement because I received the pictures that my friends and I took two days after the dance. The lines for the photo booth were long which was annoying since I spent a long time waiting for pictures and I wasn’t even able to share them because I got them so late. 

I got to the gym where the dance was taking place, and it was packed. It was very crowded when everyone tried to walk through the doors. There should’ve been a better way to get everyone in and out of the gym to make it less crowded. Even though there was another exit that led to the hallway, not many people seemed to use it, so the hallways were mostly empty. Most of the time, I was standing around the mosh pit with my friends and it was very awkward. Every few songs the most pit would move towards us and we would have to move back. At one point we got caught in one and almost fell because of everyone pushing through. It was surprisingly fun getting caught in a mosh pit, but it wasn’t fun getting out of one.  

My two favorite songs that played were “Dancing Queen” and “What Makes You Beautiful” because everyone knows those songs and it’s so fun when you scream out the lyrics with your friends. The “Cha Cha Slide” was fun because everyone was doing it and this is the type of song that draws people to come and dance to the lyrics and it seems wrong not to play it. In my opinion, the school should send out a GoogleForm where it asks for song requests to make the dance fun for everyone. At one point the music stopped playing for a few minutes and everyone began to leave. Toward the end of the dance was when all the good songs played. It was fun screaming to the lyrics of songs that everyone knows which made the dance more fun.  

For those who didn’t dance all night, the dance was simply a way to socialize with friends, but that doesn’t seem so wrong. I liked the idea of having the snacks spread out on the table for everyone to grab, but all the good candy was gone by the time I went to grab some. I also noticed the way the teachers acted during the dance. Some looked like they didn’t want to be there, some were standing in the back and watching everyone dance, and some teachers were shining their flashlights on the mosh pit. I found this funny because blinking flashlights can’t stop a mosh pit. 

 If I were to give the dance a letter grade, I would give it a B+ because there could’ve been some better songs and better ways to take pictures. There was also confusion with the coat check. At the same time, it was fun because I got to hang out with my friends and be in school without actually thinking about school. This was my first homecoming dance, since the freshmen weren’t allowed to go last year and I was really looking forward to it. My expectations weren’t very high, but the Homecoming Dance was a lot better than the Winter Formal. Overall, it was a memorable and unforgettable night.