Homecoming Week 2022: Students dance at Hispanic Heritage Assembly, sophomores pull off tug-o-war upset

Faculty dominates final tug-o-war round


Members of Latin Street Dance lead students in learning dance moves at the Hispanic Heritage Assembly. (Photo courtesy of Cup of Joe.)

Bill Grammatis Cooke, Staff Writer

From special assemblies to celebrating St. Vincent DePaul’s feast day, here are some of this week’s highlights.

Starting off strong on Monday was color wars. Each grade had a specific color to wear and the goal was to get as many kids in your class to wear that specific color. Following that was Twin Tuesday, in which students and staff dressed in the same outfits as friends.

Next came one of the more important days of this week, Culture Day and the Hispanic Heritage Assembly. This day involved everyone wearing something that represented their culture. But, the fun all started at the end of the day. Starting right after the eighth period on the football field, everyone in our Hispanic community started flying their countries’ flags, and dozens of students learned several traditional Latin American dances. Dancers and musicians from Latin Street Dance performed and taught moves from Salsa to Bachata, allowing more than 100 students on the turf to dance together.

Students in the crowd wave Mexican flags during the Hispanic Heritage Assembly. (Photo courtesy of Cup of Joe.)

As the week started to come to an end, Thursday was jersey day. From Basketball to Hockey, everyone wore all sorts of jerseys to represent their favorite teams.

Then came the final day of the week. The day started off strong with shorter classes, and then the end of the day came around. This day had another assembly. There was a pep rally for the students, involving tug-o-war. Once the pep rally started, students sang the DePaul Prep fight song, and then the game started. The tug-o-war involved 16 people from each grade, with the freshmen vs. the juniors up first, then the sophomores vs. the seniors next. Once the whistle was blown, the rounds started.

Surprisingly, the freshmen defeated the juniors, and the sophomores defeated the seniors. After that, the sophomores beat the freshmen, pulling off an unprecedented upset.

Right after the sophomores won, no one knew that they would go against the teachers. In less than five seconds after the whistle was blown, almost all of the sophomores holding onto the rope fell right to the ground and the teachers dragged them along the ground. 

Sophomores and faculty compete in the final Tug-o-war round. The faculty won handily.

While the school day might have been over after the assembly, there was still the Friday night football game against Hope Academy. While they did lose, nothing can beat the amount of high school spirit that the school had.

Topping of the week was the Homecoming Dance. All at the Gordon gym, more than 800 people attended this year’s Homecoming Dance. With food, fun, and of course the decorations, Homecoming was a night to truly remember.