We are the champions: A junior recounts DePaul Prep’s inaugural Powderpuff game


The juniors defeated the seniors for Powderpuff Game title in the school’s first ever year of the tradition.

I was ecstatic when I learned that a powderpuff game might be held because I had heard how much fun it was in other schools. The day finally arrived, and it was time for the game. It was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. We also found out the day before that we were going to be featured in a news segment, which added to the anticipation. Additionally, it snowed all day, so there was snow all over the field and it was freezing.

I met all of my friends when I arrived and could sense their excitement right away. 

Everyone had gathered in the middle of the field to discuss what we were doing. We had no idea what to expect, but we were still excited nonetheless. Then it was time for the news segment. They had previously asked for volunteers to take part in a series of games that would be filmed to kick off the Bears game on Thanksgiving. Everyone watched as senior Lexi Hallgren and junior Sakkiyah Brown competed in a series of foot skill drills and a pizza eating competition. It was very entertaining and funny.

After that, it was time for the coaches to show us our positions — and it was chaos. No one had any idea what they were supposed to do. Just to identify who was on offense or defense probably took 20 minutes.

When the game finally started, it was clear that no one knew what they were doing, and to make matters worse, everyone was slipping all over the place due to the snow. In the beginning, there was a lot going on: coaches were telling us where to go, seniors were getting ready to start, and players were everywhere. Because of how chaotic things were after the first couple of plays, the juniors almost gave up a touchdown. As the game progressed, we began to get the hang of our plays, positions, and what we were doing overall.

Then, it started to get interesting. Everyone became more competitive and constantly looking for a spot on the field. The coaches had formed two teams of offense and defense, and they would alternate between them. This became less important as everyone was just running on the field when the opportunity arose.

The second half became even more intense. Because the score was only 7-7, it became clear that whoever scored the next touchdown would most likely win the game. Everyone was on their toes because possession was so evenly distributed. The juniors eventually got the ball and scored a touchdown. We were overjoyed. We jumped around and celebrated knowing that we had won the game.

In the end, there were great passes and touchdowns on both sides, but the juniors were victorious and we cannot wait till next year for the tradition to continue.