Baseball heads into season under new coach ready for success

Noreen Mayer, Staff Writer

With the start of spring rapidly approaching the DePaul Prep baseball team is kicking off their season with a brand new coach, Sam Colon. 

Coach Colon started playing baseball at a young age. He mentions major influences in his life that inspired him to grow his love for the game.

“Sammy Sosa was the right fielder at the time and since my family calls me Sammy, it was always fun and relatable; I just fell in love with the game.” 

This attachment to the game inspired him to start playing organized baseball at the age of six and ever since then his love for the game hasn’t stopped. 

Once he entered college he played baseball for the team, but after a bad year he decided to start coaching. Even though his senior season ended well, his appreciation for coaching never diminished. 

“It really helped me find a new love for the game and see a new side of the game. If I’m not going to play, I want to help other kids learn the game”

He also mentions how inspiration from his past coaches has helped shape him into the leader he is today. 

“I’ve had some great coaches in my life that have left a lasting impression on me, so I just wanted to be that person for someone else.”

While influence from past coaches has been helpful, Coach Colon thinks of himself as a unique coach. He brings up that baseball can be slow and tedious at times, but bringing that energy and attack mentality to the game is what’s going to show on the field. 

“I think I have a very open and energetic style of play that isn’t always embraced in baseball. I just want them to be confident in their ability, that’s how  I’ve always played so I want them to have that same feeling because they’re all there for a reason.”

This mentality from not only Coach Colon, but from past coaches at DePaul Prep too, have had a great impact on players like Luke Oblen, a varsity pitcher on DePaul’s baseball team.

Past coaches at DePaul Prep and other coaches in his past have influenced him greatly, in more ways than one. He also mentions how new coaches bring fresh ideas about what should and shouldn’t be done, which is very important.

“We have a brand new coaching staff, so they’re going to have different ways of doing things that all the kids are going to get used to, but I don’t think we have much to worry about.” 

While coaches do have an immense impact on players, their personal relationship with each other is very important as well.

Cameron Klein, a 3rd baseman on the varsity team, adds that a close relationship between players is very important. Having time to spend with each other off the field is essential for interpersonal relationships between the players.

“We hang out a lot, outside and inside of school, just building the bond.” 

Oblen also adds his thoughts on the importance of team bonding. 

“All the upper and underclassmen are together, we all get along very well. We try to make it a good environment for the DePaul Prep baseball team.”

This level of understanding between the coaches and players is shown clearly on the field, through admirable plays and team spirit. Both Coach Colon and the two boys speak very highly of their abilities, rightfully so.

Colon mentions that being honest and straight up with them creates a relationship where you are able to have tough conversations. 

“Because they are so talented I want to push them and make them feel uncomfortable. They definitely push that on me and I think watching them playing the game they love definitely takes me back to when I was playing.” 

He’s excited to start playing games and see what this team can do. With every team there’s highs and lows, but he is confident that this particular team is able to navigate the lows very well and keep themselves grounded at the same time. 

His players take on the same approach with the upcoming season, Oblen saying, “I think this is the best day we’ve ever had, on paper between Gordon and DePaul. We got a lot of younger JV guys who are ready, we’re all eager to win a state championship this year.”

This upcoming season is a chance for the DePaul Prep baseball team to show their devotion to the sport, and their passion for the game. This level of determination surrounding the team is shown clearly by both the players and their coaches. 

“I’m just really excited to see what this team can do. I think this team is very seasoned and experienced, I’m just really excited to see them do their thing.”