OPINION: Should vending machines return?


Everyone likes to snack. Especially students here at DePaul Prep. So why not make it convenient? Many students are hoping DePaul Prep will bring back their beloved vending machines. 

Prior to DePaul Prep moving from the Gordon Tech campus to the new campus summer of 2020, DePaul Prep had vending machines placed near the cafeteria that some students used for quick snacks. As DePaul Prep moved buildings, they decided not to incorporate them into their new approach to the new campus. 

Assistant Principal Joe Voss was present for both of the DePaul campuses and shared the lack of necessity for those vending machines. 

“When we were going over to the new building we wanted to establish just a fresh start, with the brand new dining hall put in place we wanted to utilize what Quest has to offer so basically everything, the candy, the chips you’d get in the vending machines.”

Yes, while the dining hall does provide snack options for students it’s not always convenient. Junior and class representative Margaret Taylor expresses how utilizing the dining hall in place of vending machines isn’t exactly handy. 

“I am just constantly hungry during school but the dining hall and Corboy are closed during passing periods. As a growing student, I need that option for food.” 

In addition to suppressing hunger, vending machines would allow students to focus better in class. Senior and Class Representative Shane Leonard finds that he and other students work better when they aren’t worried about their empty stomachs.

Leonard stated, “I think it would benefit DePaul Prep. It would make people less stressed and have them feeling good. It would keep students energized, no one would be worried about lunch and snacks if you’re not hungry during class.”

Obviously with every addition to a school it is important to look at where things could go wrong. Voss shares his concerns with vending machines being placed at DePaul Prep. 

Some issues occurred with vending machines at DePaul Prep’s former campus.

“There were a lot of maintenance issues, and there are extra costs that go into that. We saw a habit of students leaving the classrooms to just go down by the vending machines so I think that was another thing to consider.” 

These concerns that Voss states are valid. Students also understand that there may be complications with this new idea but feel that there are solutions to these concerns. 

Taylor says, “One issue could be that students might possibly leave class just to get snacks but I think there can be regulations enforced by faculty and staff to combat that issue. I think that having vending machines would solve more problems than not.” 

Another concern that Voss expressed was that the contents of vending machines tend to be unhealthy. He shared that the dining hall carries substantial food that a vending machine couldn’t and explains that food is necessary for development but it must be the correct type of food. 

Voss states, “We talk about health being our core values, making sure that we’re eating healthy as well and that healthy snacks are being provided. I know typically in vending machines it’s more chips and candy which is a nice little pick me up but we want to make sure we’re providing healthy options.” 

But what if we could take a different approach on vending machines? 

Leonard shares that vending machines don’t have to contain unhealthy options. As a member of student government, Leonard plans to propose this idea with something that would fit our core value of Health.

“Healthy options for vending machines is definitely something I’d bring up. Things like granola bars, healthier snacks, and maybe healthy chips to give the kids options.” 

All in all, it can be concluded that adding vending machines to DePaul Prep could benefit the school rather than not.