Theatre Society’s spring performance combines three dystopian plays


This year’s Spring play at DePaul Prep actually consisted of three separate plays that went together. The three were, The Marxist in Heaven, Attack of the Moral Fuzzies, and Press Pray. The common theme between them was that they all represented a dystopian society. 

The Marxist in Heaven is about what would happen if a marxist wound up in heaven, and it ended up very chaotic. Attack of the Moral Fuzzies was almost like a game show. But, people were making decisions for other people and they would have to deal with the consequences. Press Pray explored the question, what if church and our prayers were handled by an automated bot system? All of these plays represented dysfunction – people who thought they were doing everything right but in reality were not. 

The Spring play was put together by theater director, Craig Bryant. The Theatre Society put on 7 different shows and had a sufficient number of audience members attend. 

“Multiple shows were sold out and many were nearly sold out,” explained Bryant.

Taylor Beck is a sophomore at DePaul Prep who was featured in two of the three plays, Attack of the Moral Fuzzies and The Marxist in Heaven. She played Joellen Budge and Nanel. 

“Mr. B did a great job with casting. He casted people who were very similar to their characters,” said Beck. 

Another sophomore student, Fabian Munante, would agree. He played Bob in The Marxist in Heaven. His character was a hairstylist in Heaven. 

“It was easy to play this role because it came naturally to me. It was a role I could relate a lot to because we share a lot of interests,” explained Munante. 

Throughout rehearsals the main challenge was placing the actors so that everyone in the audience had a good view. 

“We had to move around the room more and take up different spots,” said Bryant. 

Many cast members said they had great chemistry and said they felt like a little family.

“Our cast got along very well, we had a good flow and everyone knew each other,” said Munante. 

Since the start of the Spring play rehearsals, there were many new members and talent to join the Theatre Society. 

Something that should be known about the Theatre Society is that, “We are very inclusive, everyone is accepted, everyone has their own role. It’s a very welcoming and expandable community,” said Beck. 

Bryant also greatly expressed that they are very welcoming and would always appreciate more students in their audience.