Class of 2023 remembers Fr. Gordon Campus


Will Hartman, Ian Ellis, and Sasha Stevenson at freshman orientation at the Fr. Gordon Campus in August 2019.

The class of 2023 is the final DePaul Prep class to have set foot on DePaul Prep’s former Fr. Gordon campus. The current seniors started on that campus as freshmen in the 2019-2020 school year. DePaul Prep moved to Rockwell three years ago from the Gordon campus on Campbell. Because of this, this year’s graduating class will be the last to remember what it was like. 

We asked this year’s seniors to share what they remember about the old campus. The most prevalent emotion was one of belonging and connection.

Lexi Hallgren explained, “I absolutely loved the vibe of the old campus. Every hallway was designated to a specific subject and had its own vibe.”

Nearly every student interviewed also brought up the cafeteria. 

Miyani Sonera explained, “I think the best thing about the old campus was the overall feeling of the cafeteria.” The smaller student body also had grades of students interacting with each other during lunch. Emmett Jeske explained, “It was always a blend of different grades and everyone was talking to everyone.”

The cafeteria was also the center of entertainment. 

Sonera explained, “During the spirit weeks, they’d have challenges that people could go up and participate in which was fun.” The lunch room was also the place that many students went in the mornings to have fun before classes started.

The cafeteria was also connected to the gym which was a big part of the senior’s memories as well. 

Catherine Corkery said, “During your season you could just walk over to the gym and everyone would be there.” 

Because the gym was also connected to the school, it provided more accessibility to kids during the day. 

Max Kadjan explained, “You could go and play on the basketball court with your friends.” 

The gym also provided students with pep rallies that some seniors feel were different from today’s. Allison Tabellione said, “I always looked forward to the pep rallies because they were always super involved and loud.” The events gave students a sense of excitement and something to look forward to throughout the day. 

Another one of the most common memories was the fact that the students were not the only things in the building. 

Maddie Fleming said, “I would have to say that the funniest was definitely when a squirrel was running through the building.” Hallgren added, “It may sound like I’m kidding but it always added character and brightened people’s days.” 

A squirrel eats a full baguette in a tree in the Fr. Gordon Campus courtyard.

Overall, the old Gordon campus was many things, including interesting, but most significantly, it will hold a special place in many of the hearts of the 2023 seniors as a second home.