DePaul Prep lacrosse teams continue building in third year of existence


The girls and boys lacrosse teams, although relatively new to DePaul Prep, have become a significant presence in the school’s spring sports the past few years. 

The boys team is coached by Head coach Jack Malone along with Tim Lang and Landon Schuster. The girls team is coached by head coach Mary Kate Kasey and Seamus McGowan.

Many of the seniors on both lacrosse teams have been excited to watch the programs build throughout the years. 

Lexi Hallgren is a senior defender on the girls lacrosse team, and Sam Kartheiser is a senior defensive midfielder on the boys team. The two took the time to sit down and remark on their past experience on the team and their hopes for the rest of this season.

The girls lacrosse team specifically has fostered an uplifting mindset amongst its players. They have placed emphasis not only on victory but on improvement. Hallgren explained, “As a team we have said that success isn’t determined by how many wins or goals we have. It is determined by doing better than we did last time we were on a field every single time. Once again, our team success is measured by continuing to grow.”

The girls team has focused on growing together as a team and creating a bond. Hallgren has “seen incredible growth in our team’s connections with one another. This year of all years I have noticed how much we get along and truly work together to love the sport and accomplish goals.”

By coming together and bonding, the girls team has created an environment where their goals can be accomplished.

Not only does the girls team spend time working on their chemistry on the field, they put time into it off the field as well. The girls have many team bonding activities outside of practice and games. Hallgren reflects on one of her favorite experiences being team taco night. Experiences like these only help the team grow closer.

Coach Mary Kate Casey has been coaching the girls team for a few years now. She played lacrosse all throughout high school and eventually went on to play division one lacrosse at Northwestern University. She graduated from Northwestern in 2009 with four NCAA D1 national championships. She says, “I am one of the few athletes across the country that can say they have won a national championship every year they competed”.

With her wealth of experience both playing and coaching, Coach Casey has implemented new techniques for the girls lacrosse team. She says she loves working with the “crossover athlete who is willing to learn something new and transfer their skills to a new sport.” 

Coach Casey emphasizes not only the physical aspect of lacrosses but the mental aspect as well.

“I prioritize learning from the game of lacrosse the mental challenges life throws at you and how these life lessons will transfer into the real world.  Coaching is definitely not an easy job and while there are good days and bad days, watching these girls improve themselves and come together as a team is what it’s all about.” 

In regards to goals for this season, she hopes they play their best every game even if the scoreboard doesn’t reflect it.

“No matter the numbers on the scoreboard if we showed up and played a game like we do in practice” said Casey. She wants each game to be better than the last. 

Coach Casey plans on achieving these goals by placing emphasis on the challenge and trust they are placing on the players.

“We are challenging the girls to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We are asking them to trust in us as coaches and to trust in each other as well as push each other to be one percent better each day. In order to do so we need to hold each other accountable, set big goals and focus on the small wins.”

By placing accountability like this onto the players,  Coach Casey hopes to finish with the season she hopes for.

Additionally, the boys lacrosse team has their sights set on a specific goal. According to senior Sam Kartheiser, they are hoping to accomplish their first playoff win in DePaul Prep lacrosse history.

Kartheiser expressed that team has helped him grow individually.

“When I first joined sophomore year I had never picked up a lacrosse stick in my life. Over the past two years I have been able to learn the ins and outs of the game and become a much more well-rounded player.”

With this type of player growth being seen in many players and a big goal looming ahead, the boys lacrosse team has taken a more serious and approach in the 2023 season. Kartheiser says, “Over the years the team has become a lot more serious , as it is no longer everyone’s first time playing it. I’ve enjoyed this a lot as it has improved the culture on the team immensely.”

The drive and hard work that this team has implemented comes with reward. In the 2022 season, the boys Lacrosse team lost to Latin 17-4. This year, after determination and hard work they were able to come back with a 9-8 win. Kartheiser reflects on this as his favorite part of the season so far.

As the playoff season approaches, the boys will continue their drive and effort to accomplish their goals. It is gearing up to be an impressive end of the season for the hardworking team.

Being seniors comes with difficult goodbyes for Hallgren and Kartheiser. Hallgren gives advice to younger aspiring players saying, “Enjoy it and stay kind. Lift your teammates up.” Kartheiser adds, “Always focus on the next play, not previous mistakes.”