Many spring teams prepare for and compete in playoffs


Spring season sports are coming to an end which means the most important part of their season is just beginning: playoffs. The path to playoffs differs from sport to sport whether they are going into regionals or sectionals. However, the level of competition and preparation is at its highest.

Many sports are getting ready quickly, as many have already started their path to state. While all sports are different, their preparation is very similar. Everyone’s goal is to make it as far as possible and their way of doing that is through increased focus and readiness. Teams are dialing up their intensity while trying to maintain their clam as well as making sure to fix their previous mistakes.

As the girls soccer team moved to their next level of playoffs, they knew firsthand what this prep would look like. Junior captain, Dylan Greene, explained how head coach O’Reilly introduced a new routine before their games.

“We started to meditate before our game to center ourselves and focus on the game.” Meditating helped the team all get on the same page especially for the games that mattered most.

Similarly to soccer, girls lacrosse, softball, baseball and boys volleyball are all making sure to focus on the bigger picture and fixing mistakes. These small things could determine the end of their season, so it is vital to make sure to fix these habits.

Girls lacrosse is watching film in addition to going over common faults. Junior Ellie Huber explained, “We played Trinity and we missed a lot of 8 meter shots, so at practice today that was what we focused on.” 

But while it is important to stay focused, it is equally important to continue teamwork.

Junior Jack Lovell explained how the boys lacrosse team was still trying to keep everyone excited about the games and get everyone ready in a fun way.

“We have been keeping practices fun and hype while bringing as much energy as possible to come out strong.” 

Implementing new practice techniques is not uncommon at this point in the season. Boys tennis was making sure to practice everyday while adding more talent to help prepare them.

Junior Gabe Chalesle said, “We started inviting girls tennis players to practice.” This gave the players from both teams important experience — for the boys’ more immediate meets and girls’ season in the fall.

Although all these teams appear to be taking their intensity up a level, track and field began dialing it down physically, turning up their mental game.

Junior runner Gabi Walker explained that to prepare for the road to state, “We are resting up for bigger meets and do more physical training like ice baths.”

These meets and games are a very big deal and cause lots of stress not only physically, but mentally, so it is important to take that into account as an athlete.